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Snapshare - Snapchat clone app


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Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, and other video services are rising. Take this wave and create your own app with a video sharing service where you can create using Firebase and start creating a community that can share a video quickly and without authorization from the public. A simple dashboard allows exploring new videos by tags that users select on onboarding.

Then you realize that more people joining your community and want to use it. Enable the AdMob with a small update and you start monetizing your application. As far as you grow, you can add more and more features having this well-documented code included in the package.

Hey you are the Boss now, so keep going! But remember it’s all start from this Template ;)


  • Full source code to edit
  • Create fixed duration videos
  • No need to register user (anonymous user)
  • Written with Kotlin
  • Follow/Unfollow users
  • Explore public videos
  • Onboarding for new users
  • Admob monetization (easy to configure)
  • Analytics (build-in and it’s just works) with Firebase
  • Light and dark mode
  • Track video views and count likes
  • Modern design with stories

Last update: March 22, 2023