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Building a new mobile app?

Now and then there are tons of apps trooping into the internet world for software marketers. This is because, today, building a mobile app has become very easy and fast with the use of app templates, such as iOS, Android, and Instagram app templates. So many mobile apps today are designed with app templates. However, the cost of building a mobile app still matters a lot to new software developers and companies who may not have come across or tried one of these app templates. These days, there are so many mobile apps you can find over the internet, Google play store, Amazon Appstore, etc. Some of these mobile apps feature multiple purposes, while others just have a specific purpose, like communication, gaming, lifestyle, or business, for which they were created. Some trending apps you may find online or in online app stores are Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, WordPress, and the likes… These apps feature multiple purposes, like communication, media sharing, and more.


Cost estimations

The feature, types, and requirements of mobile apps are the primary factors that determine the cost of building a mobile app. At average prices, according to online cost calculators, some of these mobile apps will cost about $200,000 to $350,000 🙈. For instance, we have some estimates from a few online cost calculators.

Source Instagram Facebook Twitter Snapchat $287,600 $520,300 $474,600 $91,000 $75,500 $90,900 $100,100 $75,500 $40,000-80,000 $75,000-150,000 $75,000-150,000 $40,000-80,000 $ 56,700 $79,200 $76,050 $35,100 $139,328 $563,340 $403,500 $96,732 $11,240-34,280 $20,800-67,600 $20,000-65,000 $9,400-30,550

Cost and time comparisons from difference calculators

However, these are for mobile apps with several features. Moreover, there are some other mobile apps with a more considerable price, but these apps have lesser features and cost about $10,000 to $50,000. This may just sound like a good option for small business owners who wish to have their business app. Also, the cost of getting a software developer to build an application is about $171,450 💵.

Build from scratch

Building such apps as these using coding and software programming skills may take a long time for the process to be complete. The average time frame for building these mobile apps may range between 6 months and one year. Sometimes, a software developer could build a high featured app for over a year.

However, the estimated time for building a mobile app can be shortened, but to a little extent, if it involves the service of an app development team that includes the Project Manager, Developer, Back-end Developer, Designer, and Tester. Below is a breakdown of the duties and costs per hour of each member of the team:

Team Members Duties Cost per hours
Project Manager Presents the procedures to be taken in the project in a clear and understandable manner; ensuring deadlines are met $20
Developer Inserts the application codes, relates it with the source of data and tackles bugs $30
Back-end Developer Ensures that every step involved is properly followed and the application works perfectly $25
Designer Works on the different optimization requirements and ensures that the app's interface is correctly laid out and attractive to users $15
Tester Studies each section of the app and ensures that the project's requirements were met $20

Averange cost on freelancers on the market

But today, building a mobile app has become pretty simple, so simple that you don’t need prior knowledge of coding or software programming to get one for yourself. There are certain “app builders” (not some software developers) that can assist you in building your own personal or business app. They are software programs called “Templates Apps” used to create mobile apps easily and fast. A few examples are Instagram, iOS, and Android app templates.


Here is the thing; you want to start up your personal mobile app development, and you don’t want to encounter such problems as listed above. You would want to put in your best development strategies for your first mobile app to be smoothly done and working perfectly. You can start today by implementing the use of app templates to build your mobile application and still get your apps to generate revenue for you.

These app templates are ready-made programs with several essential functionalities that are already made available for you. All you have to do is simply modify it to develop the mobile app you desire.

If you need to create a mobile application with no prior knowledge of coding, don’t worry, these highly modified mobile app templates got you covered in your upcoming mobile app development project. Every one of these mobile app templates features a monetization platform from Google’s Admob, which means you can start creating your revenue from your mobile app from the very beginning. It probably sounds too good to be true.

Getting the right templates for your mobile apps is as important as developing the mobile app itself.

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Last update: March 22, 2023