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Mustage - Instagram Clone app


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Probably you have a community that wants to share the pictures with others or want to build one. But Instagram is just for personal usage and other social network doesn’t give you same simplest as it does. With this Android template, you can build your own photo-sharing app with the possibility to like, comment and share photos right in your own community.

Then you realize that more people joining your community and want to use it. Enable the AdMob banner on the header with a small update and you start monetizing your application. As far as you grow, you can add more and more features having this well-documented code and design template that included in the package.

Hey you are the Boss now, so keep going! But remember it’s all start from this Template! ;)

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  1. Publishing photos and videos
  2. User profile
  3. Direct Messages
  4. Monetization with Admob
  5. Allow to search users by nickname
  6. Report post and user

Last update: March 22, 2023